The More, the Merrier?

The last time i was in WordPress was the first time I was in WordPress. that was in late 2010. Blogs. Everybody seemed to have them. Everyone was becoming their own author. Something in that did not suit me well.

The pen is mightier than the sword, I was told. And to wield a sword, say a japanese katana, and wield it well, one undergoes virtually a lifetime of discipline and training, learning what a sword is, learning how to hold it properly, feeling its cutting edge through the fingertips, integrating it to one’s hands, one’s arms, one’s body, and one’s consciousness. The path to mastering it is arduous, even thankless. The extension of the soul through the body to be one with the sword is an evolution of self-knowing and self-responsibility. And with the respect one learns in properly handling a sword, one earns respect for one’s own self. Only then can one discover the ascension of swordsmanship from sport to art.

What am i to think of millions of would-be-writers, many of them impatient, ungroomed, and undisciplined, wielding that new sword called a blog? Millions of pre-amateurs hacking away with current haste on their keyboards? Many may write well, but i would wager that much more would belch out their content with questionable spelling, atrocious grammar, and perhaps worse, a self-entitled level of inconsideration towards others…

Lingering on…

I am reminded of the impossible triad of the Good, the Quick, and the Cheap, and how any work would have two of the qualities but never the third. Technology’s age is marked by the emergence of ruthless efficiency. And thus with online authorship (through blogs, websites, social media, and the like), the Quick is assured its place. This would leave the remaining seat to be won by the Good, and the Cheap. One would deserve it, but in all probability, the other would take it.

Should i then be surprised at my pessimistic outlook?

I need some ice cream.



~ by bdytoc on August 27, 2012.

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