What is I(D)T to me?

Greetings —

I have recently embarked on a distinctly new endeavor, introductory courses into Instructional Design and Technology (IDT), as a beginning of my Phd quest at Georgia State University.

As an initial assignment, each individual class participant was asked to define, in their own words, what the field of IDT means. My own thoughts are presented below with links to a few other IDT blogs.


For my own understanding of what Instructional Design Technology would mean, it would be based on what each word means.

Design for me is not analysis (though that is part of the design process) and it is not totally technical (though engineering fields use the word design in that manner). Design for me is a process of observing, studying, understanding, and responding to (and with) the nature, scope, and limits of a particular topic or area of knowledge. For example, designing a house would be generating thoughtful responses in the making of a home. It would be defining a progam of living and dwelling rather than just generating spaces mindlessly called bedroom, kitchen, etc.

Instruction for me is the act of making a body or a form (just as destruction would be the unmaking of it). In a context of knowledge and education, it would be engaging a learner-student to activate their inherent genius to grasp and mold and sculpt the knowledge mass into their form of understanding. In light of the current state of access most people have, the amount of information generated hourly, the speed of its online emergence, the rise of the soundbite, and the loss of attention, developing the focus, patience, and discipline to select what information is worthy and how different threads relate and weave into significance becomes, more than ever, a learner’s responsibility.

Technology for me is more critical to define as a term. What it is not is the newest device. At one time email was the newest device. But that did not stop people from doing the same century-old things on it – to write to a person, to send news, to mail chain letters… in fact, with the ease of multiple replication, the old syndromes only intensified. This is not technology at its finest. However, the change of the world’s reality because of things such as the automobile, the clock, the book… these are prime examples of what technology really embodies – the study of making or crafting. and tied closely to that would be the making of a response evolved from such study. For this reason, my standpoint towards technology is cautious. It is an acknowledgment of what it can do for you vs an awareness of what it will possibly do to you.

Instructional Design then would be the thoughtful way of generating a program or system for students to effectively engage/enhance their learning of particular material and thus shape its understanding competently for their application. I elect to place technology at a level of fashioning tools to serve the ethical and the intellectual objectives of instruction properly designed.

Following are a few links to other IDT blogs found with a quick search :










of these initial links, i found the ones from missouri state and upside learning more interesting, while some of the others exhibited inactivity for 2 years or more, or a bias towards technical details of the online environment.



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