Atop My Hill, Under My Mountain

BCDytoc – IT 7100 – Fall 2012 – Final Project Draft 5

Attached to this post is my (unfinished) final work for IT7100, under Dr Harmon of GSU COE. The task was to set an instructional topic and expound on it via the Dick and Carey model of systematic design of instruction. I chose the exercise of learning to sketch an observational perspective, what is usually conducted in an afternoon during summer workshop for incoming freshmen. To this day, I still conduct this within a relatively short time frame of an afternoon. Hence,  I considered this to be a manageable choice.

I was quite mistaken.

King of my hill, with the noblest of instructional intentions, I realized this hill was in fact a mountain. Having learned it so easily from a few different demonstrations, I assumed it to be just as easy to teach. Big mistake. Now i realize i learned it well because I had been drawing and sketching since i was in grade school. All those years sharpened my inner eye and drawing hand bit by bit. My mistake was to naturally assume a similar disposition of psychomotor and perceptional skill from my students.

Only when i undertook the detailing of the sketching instruction did it dawn on me that my hill (for me) was a mountain (for students). What i conceived to be perhaps 2 pages of learning tasks set in flowcharts ended up being much more.

As a result, I did not get to finish all the required steps, but the learning from this effort proved no less valuable.


~ by bdytoc on January 20, 2013.

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