Just A Pill or Two, Don’t Take the Whole Bottle

Change, the good kind, comes slow, in bits and pieces, in increments, in small steps. Rarely has evolution occurred so drastically like some desperate makeover. Were we to be witness to such a change, we observe it as quite suspect. Would large scale changes done over small periods of time work? Would it not be akin to re-packaging or re-finishing? Would its sudden turn result in significant scrapes and a fantastic crash? Is sudden change not unlike working from the outside-in?

The same goes for most university faculty (I can speak of my defined experience in architecture schooling) that have the best intentions of instruction for their students’ learning benefits, yet are actually grappling to make their course work better. I find myself in a related situation – trying to figure out a technology course and how instruction can support, not dictate, learning directions of participating students.


This link brings us to another good article by Maryellen Weimer about particular steps that can help evolve teaching towards better success in learning.


~ by bdytoc on February 3, 2013.

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