Signs of Changes in Learning

Signs of Changes in Learning

Much is anticipated with every wave of technology that reshapes and modifies our society’s navigation of this murky blurry thing called daily life. Learning is one aspect that we reference when asked how we are to prepare for participating in and responding to an unpredictable future. Therefore, it makes an unconvincing case that the industrial age and postwar beliefs about education and the schools that have resulted from them should be the effective models for 21st century relevance.

Ken Robinson was the first source that I latched to regarding this insight (see his TEDtalk re schools destroying creativity). While his talk resounded with observations of daily experience, it was more general in terms of undertaking ideas to pave new paths. Sugata Mitra proposes one such path with having kids create their own learning environment. Through his initial studies, kids are able to integrate with technology to perform well on standardized subject items while also retaining content for a longer period. I suspect motivation and the fulfillment of curiosity have much to do with it.


~ by bdytoc on March 3, 2013.

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